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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

know for sure!

1. Never lose hope - Samuel Johnson once wrote:

                                 "It is necessary to hope
                              For hope itself is happiness,
                    And its frustrations, however frequent
                      Are less dreadful than its extinction."

Are you a hope merchant this week? When Pandora's box was emptied, all that remained was hope.
Pandora, 1896 John William Waterhouse

Hope knows no bounds.
Hope for a better future.
Hope for a better life.
Hope my health might improve.
Hope relationships will get stronger.
Hope that "big deal" will go through.
Hope keeps you awake.

You can be an encouragement to others, and help them to hope too.

2. Did you know that when Walmart increased its shopping cart size, the sale of big items (like microwave
ovens) went up by 50 percent?
3. People turning 50 today have half their adult lives ahead of them.
4. On average, we own 13 cars in a lifetime; seven are bought after the age of 50.
5. Avoid negative people to the extent you can.
6. Plato once said,

       "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."

Excellence guru Tom Peters said,
"The other person is ALWAYS... 98 plus percent hidden from your view."

Could it be a health problem, a disagreement with their spouse this morning, a missed train, a flat tire
or a speeding ticket? A deal gone sour, a call from the tax department, competition scooped up one of
their accounts, a cancelled trip, their company is downsizing, or did they make a bad decision?
Remember! "Be kind, for everyone is fighting a great battle."
7. Never eat lunch alone - In the next month, you have 20 lunches to network and connect with someone, to
build new relationships, extend old relationships, ask questions, be inquisitive, gain a new client -
make new friends. Make it part of your day and learn something new! I had lunch last week with the Chief
of Police for B.C. Transit, Ward Clapham. He reccommended buying the book, "The Talent Code" by James
Coyle. I picked up two great lines from Ward:
Lunch atop a skyscraper, by Charles Ebbets, 1932
1. Have you ever met someone who complains about too much recognition?
 2. It's the outsider who's going to take you to the next level.

8. Send five thank you cards out a day, and include your business card. Legendary sales leader Tom
Hopkins did this for two years, and those contacts became all the future leads he ever needed.

9. Woody Allen once said:

                              "80% of Success is Showing up!"

Show up on time, and increase the opportunity of success.

10. Reward good deeds - Former RCMP officer Ward Clapham (and now B.C. Transit Chief of Police) began the


"Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes."
~ Kenneth Hildebrand