The greatest challenge is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Failure is a natural part of everyday life. Failure at its best is a stepping stone to success, a challenge in progress, and the lifeblood of a successful life. Failure offers us the gift of learning, the means to become stronger and grow as a person, the possibility for change and innovation, and the chance to see whole new opportunities. Failure can provide us with the foundation for long-term success if we learn to re-define it, to use it to learn to win through losing, and to cope and to collaborate with it. Ultimately, both failure and success are in the eye of the beholder. We can live successfully by looking beyond ourselves and seeing all the opportunities that the world has to offer those that have the courage to take on new worthwhile challenges and steadily fail towards success. We can truly live successful lives when we dare to harness the Power of Failure.

_____ Charles Manz.


An intelligent man aims at wise action but a fool starts off in many directions.

_____Proverbs 17:24

Changing habits is best done by focusing on one habit to change at one time. Five weeks is a time period given to as by psychologists as the time frame to create a new habit. You try to learn the new habit until it becomes an unconcious part of your routine. Prompts are needed by most of us to keep mindful of our gaols and aspirations. You should be keeping a 'to do ' list which needs to include your new habit so time can be made on your schedule for things like exercise if that is your new habit. All things respod to repetition and after the five weeks of repeating your new behavior, it will become integrated into your routine.

Otherwise you will become like a puppy with two tails.

Successful people are learning everyday and take every opportunity to become better at what they do.

Perfect the present to attract a better future.

We have the greatest control over the moments of our day. The longer the time frame to complete a task the more the interferences and other things block our ability to control outcomes. All activity takes place in the now.

It is good to identify a vision or to sketch out a plan. To evolve you must be able to hold the plan lightly, and learn very quickly to adapt to changes. Adaptibility is the master skill always outdoing the best plan.

Contigencies and plan B...