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Monday, January 24, 2011

Yoga lifestyle: Declutter your life and declutter your mind - Dallas yoga |

Yoga lifestyle: Declutter your life and declutter your mind - Dallas yoga |

and declutter your mind

  • May 23rd, 2010 11:57 pm CT
A clutter-free life and a clutter-free mind.
Photo: Photo by Lev Dolgatshjov/PhotoXpress

A cluttered life makes us feel anxious and stressed out. It is difficult to focus and be productive in an environment filled with clutter. In the practice of Yoga we learn that a peaceful mind leads to a peaceful practice. In short, if our lives are full of clutter, literally or figuratively, it may be difficult to focus and feel peaceful and happy. If you are feeling overwhelmed by clutter in your life try the following tips to simplify things:

  • Take Inventory. Make a list of all the areas of your life that feel messy or cluttered. This may be a relationship, your desk at work, or your closet at home. Number your list in order of urgency.
  • Make that clutter a priority. Like many goals in life, you have to schedule time to achieve them. Set aside time each week to tackle the clutter in your environment and in your life.
  • Start small. Most people like to start with physical clutter (the bedroom closet, the home office, or the "catch-all" drawer in the kitchen), as it may be easier to deal with than emotional or relational clutter (the relationship with your bridesmaid that has recently gone sour or the issues with your new boss). If this rings true for you, start small and work your way up to the more difficult messes on your list. You will find that a clean and clutter-free work and living space will empower you in other areas of your life.
  • Keep it up. Clutter can be overwhelming, but mostly when it has gotten out of hand. Once you work on the larger clutter spots in your home or personal life, you will need to discipline yourself to do a little bit each day to avoid future issues.
  • Prevention is key. If you know there are areas of your environment that are prone to clutter, prevent them by placing bins, baskets, or storage containers to do your work for you. The Container Store is a great place to find such items to help keep you organized and clutter-free.
  • Bring home less. Make a list of items you want or need at a store and put half of the items back before making the purchase. This practice will empower you to only bring home what is absolutely necessary. The less you purchase and bring home, the less you will have to manage, and the simpler your life will be.

A clutter-free life helps maintain a clutter-free mind. Our minds need space for peace and joy to grow, two fundamental truths of our Yogic being. So get going and enjoy your new clutter free mind!

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