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Friday, April 1, 2011

Good News Links for Upbeat News

Web Pages
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Positive U.S. and international news. Topics include business, sports, entertainment, health, science, technology, and heroes.
UpBeat -
Focusing on positive, uplifting, good news of local and general interest.
Good News Broadcast -
Features good news from domestic and international sources.
Good News Network -
Good news around the world, from USA, about business, life, environment, good deeds and opinions.
Heroic Stories -
HeroicStories are about everyday real people who step up to the challenge and help others when they are needed.
Positive News -
A British not-for-profit company publishing a quarterly international newspaper reporting on the people, events and influences that are creating a positive future.
Good News Gazette -
Positive stories from around the world covering the arts and entertainment, business, environment, health, human interest, science and technology.
The Great News Network -
Provides news stories about the environment, world events, health, science and technology.
Good News Agency -
Carries positive and constructive news from all over the world relating to voluntary work, the work of the United Nations, non governmental organizations, and institutions engaged in improving the quality of life.
The Happy Times -
Monthly community newspaper for Florida focusing on positive news and uplifting stories.
News for the Soul -
Positive news from Vancouver, Canada.
Only Positive News -
Coverage focused on survivors, the miracles, and those people who rush to help in difficult situations. Items of empowerment and inspiration.
Silver Lining News -
Committed to bring good news to all who want to find them. Publishes stories from the readers.
Good News India -
A site dedicated to reporting little known stories of positive action and quiet endeavor by Indians.
ArcaMax Publishing -
Opt-in for free newsletters containing family-friendly news, comics strips, classic books, and games.
For Goodness Sake -
A collection of upbeat, positive, good-news stories about motivating acts of kindness.
Good Mood News -
Read only good news from around the world. Includes translator function to read the news in other languages, and an archive.
Honesty Blog -
Positive, inspirational and good news stories from around the world about honesty and good deeds. People are invited to share their inspiring stories.
Champoli -
Good news stories, heroes, music and video. Site donates parts of their revenue to charitable causes.
The Christian News Network -
News reporting agency covering modern miracles and the ways God and His Spirit is moving in the world today.
Upbeat News -
Coverage of not-for-profit and community groups throughout New Jersey.
Woohoo! Report -
Good news across the world, updated frequently.
Not Negative News -
Good news from across the world, sorted by category.