The greatest challenge is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life Skills

Life is full of ups and downs. In order to cultivate a scientific approach towards living one's life, one has to possess certain life skills. Besides this, the influences on one's life and the prevailing life situations also decide the course of our life. Self-management skills should therefore be an integral part of one's personality.

Psychological skills are one such type of life skills that's of prime importance. Our behavior is like an operating system and the skills that we posses are like various 'softwares' that are uploaded in due course of our lives . There are times when the 'operating system' gets corrupt by some disturbing thought ('virus') or frustration. In order to avoid such a situation, a regular maintenance routine is required so that one's 'operating system' doesn't get crashed.

Every problem has a solution. Albert Einstein once quoted, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"! This holds true to psychological problems too. If one feels weak to overcome one's psychological issues then its an indication that its time to seek help from a person or source that possesses a higher level of consciousness which can offer solutions. Due to the knowledge base possessed by such sources, new scientific perspectives can be adopted to solve one's psychological issues by seeking professional help from a Psychologist/Counselor.

Gone are those days when the common masses use to think that Psychologists are only for 'mad men'. Just like a normal person approaches a physician for common cold, malaria and acidity issues, can't one approach a Psychologist if one is undergoing depression, confusion, lack of confidence or anything thats challenging one's mental health status?

But, where can one find a source of professional psychological help?

Creating awareness of the potentials of Psychology by sharing the articles we find on the internet and in books is our attempt to help shed some light on ways out of depression or addiction, for instance..

Where there is life there is hope and light. May the flame of optimism burn brightly within you.