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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amelie Chance uses Science to Heal Broken Hearts

Modern science has been used to create new things and to resolve old problems.  Yet, can science help you heal a broken heart?  Amelie Chance thinks so.  She’s so certain of the link between science – specifically positive psychology – and its potential to mend a broken heart that she’s created an entire course about it.
Amelie Chance is the author of the Step to Healcourse, designed to help its users get over the pain and stagnation of a broken heart and retake control of their lives.  This compassionate and action-driven course offers something different from competing products, by relying on the science of positive psychology to deliver results.
Positive psychology is a relatively new branch of the psychology field.  It primarily concerns itself with human meaning, fulfillment, and engagement by examining how to increase positive emotions rather than decrease negative ones.  Positive psychology has roots in the happiness research conducted by some of history’s most notable humanistic psychologists, such as Abraham Maslow (father of the famed “Hierarchy of Needs”).  These psychologists recognized the importance of happiness and fulfillment for true mental health and maximized human potential, which later birthed positive psychology.
Amelie Chance is a Certified Coach of Positive Psychology, has suffered the overwhelming heartbreak of divorce, as well as its devastating aftereffects.  This particular combination of skills has allowed her to not only put forth a system of well-defined steps in her course, but also to present the material in a way that users can fully grasp and begin implementing right away. In my evaluation of the course, I found the negative aspects of a break-up are not ignored. Rather, things like jealousy, anxiety, panic, loneliness are approached from a different point of view. From a positive psychology standpoint, the solutions seem to be more powerful.
Step to Heal is comprised of 15 different steps, delivered in video format to improve users’ ability to grasp and retain its material.  The course also includes a workbook, used to further reinforce the principles of the system.
Amelie Chance’s system does take a positive approach to healing a broken heart, but it’s also steeped in practicality.  Step to Heal not only talks about what to do after your lover’s left, but also includes timely information like how you can get over a broken heart when you and your ex are still living together.  Attention to details like these help stand out as an insightful and effective system to bounce back from heartbreak.