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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coach who uses Mindfulness Ideas to train athletes

This site caught my attention while researching mindfulness ideas on the web.  I use my Blogs as store houses of wisdom and ideas..  I may visit this man's site again or not.  My blog is a scrapbook for ideas when I need inspiration, in this case, about one of the uses of mindfulness.

Mindfulness - Your Present Moment

"My purpose in less than 10 words: Coaching people to be world class humans and better athletes.
My interests over the past few years have been Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, Depth psychology, the writings of Carl Jung, James Hillman, James Hollis, and Joseph Campbell, Anthony DeMello, Thich Nhat Hanh. Also all aspects of Storytelling.
So life is about living it fully, wholeness in accepting those parts of me I don’t like, finding meaning in my life, and learning not to take myself so seriously.
Since 1995 I’ve worked several hours a week at Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines. What started out as a weight and stress prevention program morphed in 1997 into the Scripps Clinic Ornish Reversing Heart Disease Program. The program developed into what has become Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine (SCIM), one of the leading centers in the world for alternative and integrative medicine, and lead by Dr Mimi Guarneri. It has been an honor to lead the emotional support groups over these years. The focus has been on assisting people to realize they are in charge of their health and well being and that SCIM is there as a resource to guide them along that path."
 "Life is the childhood of our immortality. So there is no other person like you. You, like me, are unique and it is about bringing out the best in each other. "
"May you learn what you need to create your future as each moment is a unique moment. The truth is that life is a continual improv. For you this is hopefully the beginning of a mindful odyssey for you."

His name is Ozzie Gontang.