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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eliminating Negativity using Positive Psychology

Positive psychology offers a unique perspective on mental health by focusing on the ways in which well-being can be improved. One of the most extraordinary discoveries – one which will continue to be studied for a long time – is the deep connection between the way people think and the way they feel.
The internal dialogue of an individual can often be used to measure not just the person’s sense of well being and contentment but their level of success and physical health as well. By focusing on what you are good at and by establishing positivity in your life, one researcher believes more people will be able to reach their goals and be able to achieve contentment.
Researcher and author Marcus Buckingham’s research reveals that the majority of people, rather than focusing on the things they are good at spend a considerable amount of time beating themselves up, developing and listening to an internal dialogue whose constant theme is, “You’re no good.”
By taking control of that inner voice and committing to a more positive focus, Buckingham’s research suggests that people will be able to achieve more success, improve their sense of well being, and enjoy better contentment with their lives. The most meaningful steps to take in improving an individual’s outlook and inner dialogue is to spend time every day recognizing your own strengths. By developing the habit of catching yourself when you have negative thoughts and using it as an opportunity to think something positive about your capability, you can retrain your mind and improve your sense of well being.
Shadra Bruce is a contributing writer for Mental Health News