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Sunday, November 20, 2011

CBC/ Tapestry is agood show utilizes all the quotes we read on the Web in real world situations.

This is a great show on our National radio service which is the envy of most countries for its freedom from things like corporate sponsors. provides hours of podcast and video programs about a wide variety of topics to discover and explore.  I do not work at the CBC but I am a Canadian so maybe my point of view is not completely objective.
 A Few Good Words - Wisdom For the Ages for Living Life Today, Part 1

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The philosopher A.C. Grayling calls it a sobering bit of mathematics. Our lives will last less than one-thousand months. And how many of those months will be spent sleeping - or grocery shopping - or paying bills? That's why, he says, it's vitally important to live every moment to its fullest. And the best way to do that, is to call on the wisdom of the ages and apply it to the problems of today.

Grayling has combed through 2,500 years of literature, history and ethics, to produce his own version of a good book - he calls it his "secular bible". This week on Tapestry, Mary Hynes talks with Anthony Grayling and with listeners who have collected their own inspirational quotations and words to live by.

A. C. Grayling's new book is called The Good Book: A Humanist Bible.

A Few Good Words - Wisdom of the Ages for Living Life Today , Part 2

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If you're wondering about the meaning of life -Lou Marinoff has a prescription for you. And you won't be getting it filled at the pharmacy!

Lou Marinoff is a practitioner of "philosophical counselling", helping people through difficult times, by "prescribing" thoughts from thinkers like Socrates, Epictetus and Lao Tzu.

Professor Marinoff, who is from Montreal, teaches philosophy at the City College of New York. He is the author of Plato Not Prozac: Applying Eternal Wisdom to Everyday Problems.

Mary also talks with Tapestry listeners about their favourite words to live by.

Therapy for the Sane How Philosophy Can Change your Life
By Marinoff, Lou (Book - 2004) ANF 101 MARAll copies in use.

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