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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bill Porter - Salesman - A Moving Journey

by on Jan 11, 2011

A Moving Journey

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A Moving Journey - YouTube

 *The Book that I just read about Bill Porter

Ten Things I Learned from Bill Porter

Bill's Website J. R. Watkins Products



The "world" told me I could never earn an income, my mother told me I could, and my father told me I must! And so I have, and still do. 

I am NOT dead (as people keep reporting), but now 76.  Although physically less active, I still phone my long-time customers for their orders and to keep abreast of what is changing in their lives.

For many years I walked door to door, knocked, showed people pictures of a few Watkins products, took orders, then obtained the products and had them delivered (as I could not drive).

Although I can no longer walk 7-10 miles a day and talk to my customers face to face, thanks to my Watkins website I can still be a salesman, service my customers, and meet new friends.

The UNSTOPPABLE Bill Porter! whose lifetime accomplishments give meaning to the words:


His story, which has touched the lives and hearts of hundreds of people, has been featured in many media areas.

Awards & Special Recognitions
Bill Porter is truly a remarkable individual with a spirit that--despite physical disabilities--never lets him give up!
His story has touched thousands of people throughout the world and, in recognition of his personal achievements, he has been honored with several awards.

Bill, John Glen, Shelly Brady 

In September 1998, Bill Porter was honored as a recipient of an award from the National Council on Communicative Disorders and received his award at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC from Senator John Glenn!

Other special recognition and awards Bill Porter has received include:
  • "America's Award", 1997 ~ Honoring Unsung Heroes who personify the American Character and Spirit.
  • "Special Chairman's Award", 1997 as 1996 Top Salesman for Watkins Incorporated, presented by president and chairman Irwin Jacobs at Watkins Int'l Business Conference.
  • 1979 Trophy for "Highest Personal Sales" in the leadership division of retail sales, Watkins Int'l Business Conference.
The story of Bill Porter's Personal Achievements and Success have inspired many individuals, and spurred a great interest in this Wonderful man!

Bill & ShellySince 1997, Bill and his long-time friend and associate, Shelly Brady, have been invited to speak to many groups, some of which include NIKE, HIS Cellular, Primerica Financial Services, Community Networks, Oreck, Million Dollar Round Table, Callaway Golf, Unishippers, Quixtar (Amway) groups, and the Watkins Int'l Business Conference.

Together they have shared Bill's inspirational story, and felt the joy and excitement in seeing how this man touches the lives of all who hear their presentation! 

In mid-2001, Bill decided it was time to stay closer to home. He no longer travels from city to city, but Shelly Brady (author of "Ten Things I Learned from Bill Porter") still appears "live", while Bill sometimes "appears" via satellite or telephone.

Invite Bill Porter and Shelly Brady to inspire your organization, contact:

Bill Porter & William H. Macy photo
 Door to Door Actor and Inspiration, Bill Porter
Oscar nominee William H. Macy  can be seen in TNT’s Door to Door

The movie, which Macy also co-wrote, is based on the true story of the life of an award-winning door-to-door salesman with cerebral palsy. 

Macy plays the salesman Bill Porter and the film also stars Kyra Sedgwick, Helen Mirren, Kathy Baker and Felicity Huffman. 


ABILITY speaks with Macy about Door to Door and Bill Porter
Chet Cooper: How did you get involved with Door to Door

William H. Macy: I saw a news program about Bill Porter’s life. I showed it to my wife and she loved it. I thought that it could be a great story. So, I contacted my writing partner Steven Schachter. There were various producers involved along the way. 

The difficulty with the script was trying to be truthful to Bill’s life and not make up a bunch of stuff that didn’t actually happen—just tell his story fully but still make it dramatic. So, we had to find the drama. 

We realized that we could apply a kind of “Forrest Gump approach” to it by emphasizing the world that surrounded Bill. 

That allowed us to write something with a dramatic thrust. The breakthrough on how to tell the story came when we decided to fictionalize Bill’s customers. 

Although Bill’s life has had a lot of drama in it, it doesn’t have a dramatic “through-line.” In other words, Bill’s still alive. 

There’s no third act. So, when we had the idea to write about how Bill affected people, it gave us a license to make up a lot of stuff. I’m really pleased with the way it all came out. 

WM:  Bill Porter is a great man.  

I just loved meeting him and hanging out with him. I love his stoic attitude toward life. 

Philosophers tell us to do something about those things that are within our own control and do not worry about things that are not within our control. 

Otherwise, it is just wasted energy. Bill seems to live up to that standard.