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Monday, August 13, 2012

Nadia Comaneci on InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse - YouTube

Nadia overcame a number of obstacles to get to America...

Uploaded by on Jun 15, 2011

Nadia Comaneci took the world by storm at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal -- scoring the first-ever perfect 10 in gymnastics, a feat that she would duplicate six times before the games came to a close. 

With her coach Bela Karolyi at her side, she continued to shine through to the 1980 Moscow Olympics, where she won three medals for her native country Romania. 

But her life started to change following Karolyi's defection in 1981, and eventually she did the same, defecting in 1989. 

Today, she is married to fellow Olympic Gymnast Bart Connor, and works tirelessly on behalf of such causes as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, International Special Olympics, and the Nadia Comaneci Children's Clinic in Bucharest. Join Ernie Manouse for his conversation with 5-time Olympic Gold medalist and gymnastic superstar Nadia Comaneci.


Nadia Comaneci on InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse - YouTube