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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Healing Power of Music by Anita Kruse

Stress is a problem for most people and one way to deal with stressful thoughts and feelings is to listen to some soothing music.  Anita Kruse takes the concept further in having the children with cancer write songs and record them, in song or in a spoken voice.  This is a very hopeful message in this video.  Enjoy.

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Composer, recording artist and classically trained pianist, Anita Kruse transforms the lives of children every day at Texas Children's Hospital. She founded Purple Songs Can Fly, a nonprofit dedicated to providing a creative musical outlet for children at the cancer center. 

Hers is the first recording studio ever created on a pediatric cancer floor. 

She worked with children to write and record their own songs, and they have responded by writing and recording over 275 songs, enjoyed around the globe. 

She's been featured in every national network for her work, and her biggest fans are the children who've discovered their hidden and healing talent.

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Anita Kruse: "The Healing Power of Music" on LIVING SMART WITH PATRICIA GRAS - YouTube