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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Obesity- Opposing Views

 Here are  differing viewpoints  on obesity and beauty from China, Africa, and Japan


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1 March 1999
Every year, China's big darlings come to fat camp to battle with their bulges and pass China's school fitness tests.
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Fat Houses - Nigeria

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July 2002
We investigate a very different perception of beauty in Nigeria, host to the Miss World pageant in November 2002. Girls in the region of Calabar have to be fattened up, so as to find good husbands. Although the practice is both frowned on and illegal, there is no shortage of takers.

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 Mauritania: Fat or Fiction - 11 Aug 08 - 

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Big is often regarded as beautiful in Mauritania, but the controversial act of force-feeding is still practiced in some parts of the country.
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Force feeding in Mauritania - CBC TV

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Young girls being fed large quantities of camel milk against their will in Mauritania so that they can get fat faster. Fat girls were (and to a large extend still are) very popular with Mauritanian men. Force feeding is a tradition that used to be common among nomadic tribes of Mauritania. It is decreasing nowadays thanks to education and awareness programs.

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Being FAT is now illegal in Japan

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33" waist is the max now.

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