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Friday, November 2, 2012

Coaching or Teaching? What is the Difference? HarvardEducation video

John Wooden: "Details create success"

Atul Gawande: The Difference Between Coaching and Teaching


On Wednesday, October 24, HMS and HSPH Professor Atul Gawande applied his observations from the fields of sports, music, schools, and medicine, to a discussion of how different professions produce top-level performers.

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'What I found over time, trying to follow and emulate people that were focused on achieving something more than competence, is that they weren’t smarter than anybody else, they weren’t geniuses,' Gawande told an audience at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Askwith Forum on Wednesday." - Harvard Magazine

"Atul Gawande’s Askwith Forum talk covered observations from sports and music, as well as anecdotes from his career — including his experience working with a surgical coach. 

In addition to suggesting some technical changes (like changing the position of his elbow), the coach also 'pointed out the ways I’d missed opportunities to help the team perform better,' Gawande said. 

After making changes and re-focusing on small details, 'I saw my complication rates go down.'” - Harvard Gazette