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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Social Emotions Group - David DeSteno

Welcome to the Social Emotions Group. The lab is directed by Dr. David DeSteno with generous support from the National Science Foundation and Northeastern University. Our goal is to illuminate the complex and reciprocal relations binding emotion and social behavior. In short, we’re most interested in how emotions shape decisions and actions underlying many of the most important facets of social living. From morality to interpersonal relationships, from honesty to economics, from bigotry to altruism, from compassion to aggression, we’re working to uncover how emotions impact behaviors that are at the heart of sociality. In so doing, we’re trying to understand not only how emotion systems can optimize our actions, but also how “bugs” in the system can lead to less than optimal results.
To learn more about the team and our work, we encourage you to explore this site or our book,  Out of Character, based on the pioneering work of the lab in charting the surprising dynamics underlying human social behavior.