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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daniel Goleman on Focus: The Secret to High Performance and Fulfilment

Filmed at the Royal College of Music on 25th October 2013.

Daniel Goleman shot to fame with his groundbreaking bestseller
Emotional Intelligence. The premise of the book, now widely accepted, is
that raw intelligence alone is not a sure predictor of success in life.
A greater role is played by 'softer' skills such as self-control,
self-motivation, empathy and good interpersonal relationships.

Goleman comes to Intelligence Squared for an exclusive talk on the
themes of his latest book, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence.
Attention, he will argue, is an underrated asset for high achievers in
any field. Incorporating findings from neuroscience, Goleman will show
why we need three kinds of focus: inner, for self-awareness; other, for
the empathy that builds effective relationships; and outer, for
understanding the larger systems in which organisations operate. Those
who excel rely on Smart Practices such as mindfulness meditation,
focused preparation and positive emotions that help improve habits, add
new skills, and sustain excellence.