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Monday, February 10, 2014


From Harvard to webcam girl: I was a nonprofit drone. Now, I make $ reading books in the buff
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Study: The placebo effect even works for sleep
Looking for the truth? Try fiction: on writing a novel about the Amanda Knox case
 As war on corruption mounts, China's rich flee to America
  1m New Research Reveals How Polar Bears Stay Warm
 French minister condemns 'worrying' Swiss vote on EU immigration

French minister condemns 'worrying' Swiss vote on EU immigration

Laurent Fabius says Europe will review relations with Switzerland after it voted to reintroduce quotas
8 inches of snow fell in central Tokyo; heaviest snowfall in decades. (EPA)
18 Grumpy Cat Valentines for Your Crabby Companion
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What Satya Nadella Told Me Before He Got the Job

Back in early November, right around the time his name started appearing on the short list of candidates to become Microsoft's CEO, I had lunch with Satya Nadella in New York. It was eye-opening for...
  Feb 7
Satya Nadella to employees: "Lead. Play offense. Don't even look at . Let them be successful."
'Dumb Starbucks' will need a grande size legal team as it tests parody law in Los Angeles
Hot wheels. A new study suggests a link between cyclists' looks and their performance
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Funky tool from shows climate change where you live in an interactive map - now with latest NASA data!
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Asia's airplane fleet to triple by 2032: Boeing

First Amputee Has Touch Restored With Bionic Hand

VideoThe researchers at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EFPL) in Switzerland and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSA) recently developed a completely new sensory feedback channel which...
This amputee had his sense of touch restored with a bionic hand:

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Another Major Bitcoin Exchange May Be Under Threat

On the surface, the case looks relatively innocuous: Two Miami residents were arrested for trying to sell Bitcoin to undercover cops posing as criminals.
 Another major Bitcoin exchange may be in deep trouble


Marius the giraffe has been skinned and fed to lions

Does Microsoft pay most of its income tax in just 4 countries? via >worth a read
Bought to read but I put it down for a second and ......
  Feb 8
Swedish short film "Grandpa and Me and a Helicopter to Heaven"
RT Brilliant article by one of the smartest people in the coolest mag > : Has GDP reached its limits?
  Feb 7
An interesting conversation on whether or not GDP has reached its limits as a useful economic measure?
The latest FORBES e-book: our coverage of Warren Buffett from 1969 to the present:
 Botanist Takashi Sawa was an expert on beautiful but obscure algae
Like it or not, the Fed’s focus will remain on the unemployment rate
 he Globe and Mail
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Like it or not, the Fed’s focus will remain on the unemployment rate

Critics say official rate is hiding weakness in U.S. labour market. But its big value is as an indicator of inflation pressure
Patrick Michaels: Will the overselling of global warming lead to a new scientific dark age?
 Opinion: the centre of gravity of the world's energy economy has moved east and it's time for an Asian oil major
 Hollande's breakup challenges White House dinner in honor of President -
Carmaker Nissan reports better-than-expected profits, helped by weakening yen and sales recovery in China

Australian government urges companies to stand up to unions

Australia's conservative government said it has held talks with major resource companies to suggest they delay multibillion-dollar oil and gas projects rather than give in to wage demands from...
 Australian Government Talks Tough on Unions
PBS Media Shift: Three P’s to Protect Free Speech for Student Media: It’s a little bit of ...
PBS Media Shift: Chat: Teaching Entrepreneurship in Journalism Schools: There was...
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Some health officials say smoking rates in the US could drop significantly in the next decade. Others aren’t so sure:

Experts increasingly contemplate end of smoking

ATLANTA (AP) — Health officials have begun to predict the end of cigarette smoking in America.
Feature: China contracts for imports of Central Asian to rise to 65 Bcm/yr by 2020
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RBS CEO Ross McEwan on scandals: "Words are easy, change is harder"
The way to truth lies through the destruction of the false.- Nisargadatta Maharaj
 Looking back to the cradle of our
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Damien Hirst admits 'I copy my children's art'
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Damien Hirst: I copy my children's art - Telegraph

World’s richest artist admits he uses his children’s ideas for his own art, saying young can produce “much better” work than adults due to lack of fear
Video: Strategist: Not all emerging Asian currencies created equal From
 NHL players begin arriving in Sochi
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NHL players begin arriving in Sochi

NHL players are on the ground in Sochi as charter planes have begun landing.
George Packer: Amazon is good for customers. But is it good for books? | New Yorker
 50 Years Ago Today:  Ed Sullivan Show
 The Beatles: Here, shown 50 years ago on February 9, 1964, when they changed music and began anunprecedented cultural assault that rippled across the world. For six years their every pronouncementwas front page news worldwide. Together and later as individuals they really did change the world,ultimately using their fame and influence to embrace causes ranging from George Harrison's efforts to save the starving with his groundbreaking 'Concert for Bangla Desh' (the country later changed spelling to 'Bangladesh') to John Lennon's outspoken peace efforts. They changed hair lengths, influenced
clothing choices and made albums into more than collections of single songs. They popularized arena
rock and created stadium rock, studied and spoke for Eastern consciousness and against violent
revolution, and introduced a variety of sounds never heard or previously combined. By April 1964,
they became the only artists to ever have 3 consecutive Billboard number one singles, still unmatched,
and also became the only act to ever have the top 5 singles on the Billboard chart at same time.