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Monday, July 20, 2015

Virtual Classroom by Louis Hoffman, PhD

A Web site for Psychology Students,
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Louis Hoffman

Psychologist, Saybrook University Faculty member, author of scholarly papers/books, fiction writer, poet, dog lover, husband, and father.

Northern California ·

About Dr. Hoffman:
Louis Hoffman, PhD, is an executive faculty member and director of the Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal Psychology Specialization at Saybrook University in San Francisco, California. He is also the co-director of Sabyrook's Socially Engaged Spirituality and International Psychology Certificate programs. Areas of interest and specialization for Dr. Hoffman include existential and humanistic psychotherapy, the history and systems of psychology, philosophical and theoretical issues in psychotherapy, diversity issues, and spiritual/religious issues in psychotherapy. He is the president of Division 32 of the American Psychological Association (Society for Humanistic Psychology) and is on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, The Humanistic Psychologist, PsycCRIQITUES (APA Review of Books), and Janus Head. Additionally, Dr. Hoffman serves as co-editor-in-chief of the University Professors Press.

In 2011, Dr. Hoffman co-founded the Zhi Mian International Institute of Existential-Humanitic Psychology with Mark Yang, Trent Claypool, Jason Dias, and Michael Moats. The purpose of this institute is to support international dialogue and training on existential psychology in a culturally sensitive manner. This emerged from a number of trips to China beginning in 2007 that focused on existential psychology. Dr. Hoffman is also member of The New Existentialists, a web site and movement focusing on the new generation of existential writing and scholars. Additionally, Dr. Hoffman has five books in additon to numerous book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers.

Purpose of the Web site:
The purpose of this web site is to provide resources on psychology to a broad range of students of psychology. The site is geared for students interested in a career in the helping professions, particularly psychotherapy. While there are some resources specifically aimed at people in Dr. Hoffman's classes, the goal is to have a broad based appeal to psychology students in general.