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Monday, July 18, 2016

William James Studies

William James Studies
SPRING 2016 • VOLUME 12 • Number 1
Front Matter (PDF)
Introduction to WJS Special Issue: Pragmatism, Phenomenology,      i Cognitive Science (PDF)
J. Edward Hackett
The Meaning of the Social Body: Bringing George Herbert  Mead      1 to Mark Johnson’s Theory of Embodied Mind (PDF)
Kelvin J. Booth
Toward a Non-Reductive Naturalism: Combining the Insights           19
of Husserl and Dewey (PDF)
Gregory A. Trotter
How Pragmatism and Realist Phenomenology Can Bring                     36
Cognitive Science Back into Philosophy (PDF)
Aaron Massecar
The Phenomenological Realism of James’s Theory                                   47
of Value (PDF)
J. Edward Hackett
The Early Reception of James’s Varieties (PDF)                                            72
James Campbell
Outline of a New Liberalism: Pragmatism and the Stigmatized                  91 Other by Nelson W. Keith (PDF)
Reviewed by José Medina

William James Studies, Vol. 12, No. 1 (Spring) 2016: (Full Issue PDF)



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