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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Albert Bandura Quotes

Stanford University

Professor Bandura is an extraordinarily innovative scholar whose pioneering work in social cognitive theory has served as a rich resource for academics, practitioners, and policy makers alike across disciplinary lines.

His illustrative career includes groundbreaking work across a broad range of areas. His seminal research on social modeling expanded our view of human learning and the growing primacy of this mode of learning in this electronic era.

His later research on self-regulatory mechanisms laid the theoretical foundation for his theory of human agency.

These diverse programs of research blend his theoretical interests with an abiding concern for the use of our knowledge for human enlightenment and betterment.

Albert Bandura (born December 4, 1925) is a prominent psychologist, known as the originator of social learning theory and the theory of self-efficacy.

Citation: Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to
Psychological Science, American Psychological Foundation, 2006.



  • If self-efficacy is lacking, people tend to behave ineffectually, even though they know what to do.

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